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Welcome to a celebration of gratification and desire. Revel in the artistry of sensuality with our handcrafted furniture designed to enhance your intimate spaces.

Our creations seamlessly fuse craftsmanship with kink-positive aesthetics, offering a discreet sanctuary for your most adventurous inclinations. Explore the intersection of pleasure and design, where each piece invites you to embrace your unique passions. Elevate your experience with our exquisitely crafted furniture - because your desires deserve the finest touch.


The world's most sex-positive nightstand

Designed with your pleasure and convenience in mind, this sleek and stylish nightstand is the perfect addition to your bedroom. With built-in massage oil/lube warmer, charging ports, and lockable drawers for all your intimate essentials, this nightstand is a must-have for anyone looking to spice up their love life.

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The world's most sex-positive nightstand



Every cabinet is lockable to protect your privacy.

Keep unwanted eyes away

Integrated warmer

Our furniture includes warmers for massage oil and lube so you are always ready to enjoy.

Built in warming lube dispenser

Load Bearing

Designed with sex toys in mind and built with hardwood, our products will stand up to the weight of even the heaviest stainless steel collection.

Designed with sex toys in mind and built with hardwood

About us

Amory Jane is the muse behind Amory Design. She is an award-winning sex educator who has taught hundreds of classes and spoken at kink conferences and events across the country. Her life and work have been featured in Playboy Magazine, Fusion TV, and the BBC. Amory Jane has been selling adult products as a sex toy maven for the past 13 years, and came up with the idea of pleasure-focused handcrafted furniture after listening to customers and class attendees tell her all about their desires for storing, displaying, and interacting with their personal collections of intimate products and kinky tools.

While she loved making birdhouses and cutting boards in shop class, Amory was not a builder. She thought her rough sketches of dildo display cabinets and "the world's most sex-positive night stand" would only live in her journal as fun ideas. That is, until she met a woodworker named Lucas and fell in love.

Lucas Swick is a woodworker, software engineer, and artist. Hailing from the exotic land of Canada, Lucas has worked in technology for over twenty years, shipping products and creating immersive installations in Union Square New York, NCSU, and Portland.

Although writing software has been rewarding and fun, Lucas is drawn to his woodshop, where he has been creating bespoke furniture for his home and friends for the past ten years. He finds himself most excited when he has a free day to spend in the shop. When Amory Jane shared her furniture idea with him, he eagerly began transitioning his career to make space to be a full-time woodworker.

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